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Attract attention with our dynamic digital Out of Home screen, customized to reach your target audience.

What We Do

01 DOOH Placement

We offer a variety of digital solutions to deliver advertising that goes beyond awareness. Our LCD screens can be found in various place-based environments across Indonesia such as office buildings, apartments, hospitals, retail stores, gyms, lifestyle buildings, and digital large format roadside Videotron sites. This positions AMG as the perfect network to reach urban audiences with high buying power as they move throughout the day.

Touchpoint Transtreet Commuter Line, Billboard, Airport & Transportation
Touchpoint Retail Alfamart & Alfamidi
Touchpoint Building Office building, Apartment, Hospital

02 Branding & Activation

To enhance brand strategy, AMG helps increase interactions with customers in the form of sharing product experiences and live events. In its implementation, AMG has collaborated with several well-known brands such as IQOS, Arirang, Sharp. One form of implementation is that we hold a live event which usually holds a trial of a product and also holds an open booth in a public space.

03 Creative DOOH

Emerging from the struggles of 2021, AMG unleashes an attention grabbing 3D Anamorphics Ignite Screen on Chase Plaza, Sarinah, Melawai. This signaled AMG's resilience and ceaseless innovation.

04 DOOH Campaign Research

Entering into the global programmatic DOOH arena. AMG brought an in-house CMS integrates with the global programmatic advertising ecosystem, automating OOH media planning and buying for the future. AMG uses DOOH technology and tools to provide actual impression data and also capture audience profile which is using DOOH technology and tools provides actual impression data and also capturing audience profile which is displays profiles of people around our media point .

Our Portfolio

Unleashing the Power of Visuals

DOOH Transtreet (KCI)Zwitsal
DOOH TranstreetSprite
DOOH BuildingLazada
DOOH Transtreet (Transjakarta)Le Minerale
DOOH Transtreet (Airport)
DOOH RetailMen’s Biore
Branding & ActivationSharp
Branding & ActivationEllips
DOOH Campaign ResearchSarinah
Creative DOOH (Chase Plaza)McDonald's
Creative DOOH (Sarinah)McDonald's
DOOH BuildingBlibli
Contact Person AMGContact Person AMG