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Advertising technology

We develop D/OOH & Omnichannel Media Platform to create engaging message to reach maximum exposure for your target audience.

What We Do

01 Smart content system

AMG Smart Content System offers a range of technology features across its various platforms, each designed to enhance the effectiveness of digital Out of Home (D/OOH) advertising.

02 Smart programmatic platform

This feature allows for the discovery of impactful screens to reach the right target audience. It enables searching for screens based on various criteria like location, screen type, viewers per day, gender, age group, and spending capacity‚Äč‚Äč. This feature is also available at SSP ( Supply Side Platform) partner, like Vistar and Hivestack.

03 Smart dynamic content

Experience advertising that evolves with the world around you. Our Responsive Smart Screens seamlessly adjust to weather, traffic conditions, and air quality, delivering dynamic messages tailored to the moment. Stay relevant, capture attention, and make an impact with intelligent, real-time advertising.

04 smart audience measurement

Get instant feedback on your screens impact! This feature measures live data on audience engagement. Elevate your outdoor advertising with immediate, data-driven decisions. Engage your audience with precision and optimize for success in real time.

05 smart flexible placement

Make a big statement on a affordable budget! We empower entrepreneurs and individuals to shine on high-visibility boards without the high cost. Maximize your exposure without compromising your wallet.

06 echovision (smart synchronize content)

Step into the future of advertising with our Echovision Cubetron at Sarinah, Jakarta. Immerse your audience in a captivating visual journey right in the heart of the city. Engage in synchronized interaction between screens from Sarinah to Djakarta Theatre that will bring unique and memorable brand experience. Elevate your brand presence with stunning, 3D visuals that break through the urban landscape.

07 smart 020 engagement

Reach your audience through Wi-Fi connectivity, providing a direct link to your brand via our dedicated app. Elevate interaction, capture attention, and redefine the way your message connects with the tech-savvy demographic.

08 smart interactive screens

Transform your brand narrative into a captivating journey with our immersive screen experiences. Bring your audience in a world of digital storytelling and interactive experiences. Elevate engagement and create unforgettable connection with Interactive Screens Experience.

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