Shoppers Marketing Zone

Admin 24 Oktober 2018

As a marketers we believe that shoppers behave differently during the process of shopping. We can analyze and breakdown the process into three different shopping zone, therefore we can plan a communication strategy and activation to fit the shopper mindset during each process. The right strategy can guide the shopper throughout the process and resulting in a greater sales and generate more profit.

  1. Transition Zone

This is the stage when the shopper enter the store. In this zone we can grab their attention when the first time they enter the store by providing news and ideas about a brand or a product, it is aimed to remind and build the perception to increase the intention to purchase.

  1. Impulse Zone

This is the stage when the shopper begin to browse the store to look for something they want to purchase, during this stage we can distract and create their interest to engage with the product. It can connect the product with the shopper interest and need. This stage has a good opportunity to build shopper intention to purchase and reinforced it during the process of looking for a product.

  1. Destination Zone

This is the stage when the shopper arrived in the shelf and found the product they want to purchase, brand should provide an easy navigation to reduce uncertainty to purchase the product. It can be done by providing clear information, strong branding and right communication. Though out the process the communication should be relevant to reinforce brand perception and build shopper intention to purchase then lead to an actual purchase. AMG Retail Platform provide the right media for brands to communicate with the shopper in every process, it able to grab the attention since the shopper enter the store until the point of purchase.

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